Praxis Für Heilkunde / Weserstr. 54 / Berlin Neukölln / Germany

What People Are Saying About Heilpraktikerin Roberta Perzolla…

Roberta is someone who I would recommend to artists, healers, psychotherapists/analysts and their clients who would benefit to pair any talk-therapy’s with deep ritual action for soul-level healing or ancestral-line healing. With her incredibly soft and humble, joyful, yet strong and constant flow of power, here you will find unfaltering compassion – to boost you and your creative pathways, to change into living from desire and stepping into your full potential. Working with Roberta is highly recommended from me for physical and spiritual ailments – all is connected. She has an incredible calm capacity to hold open and ‘curious space’ for all states of being
I can recommend Roberta for anyone who would like a deep heartfelt support in their practices! I had the pleasure to work with her both in presence and with online group workshops. Through her wise and stable presence, her sound healing has sustained me deeply in group healing practices and throughout trance and meditations . She knows how to support and sustain you in your processes and I could not recommend her cooperation enough to any teacher, healer and healing events organiser. She is a great colleague, a passionate shamanic practitioner and naturopath
Her session and the Spirits helped. I felt again lighter and able to feel joy today
Roberta is very loving and devoted! Very empathetic
Clear recommendation! I love her atmosphere and peaceful vibe
After the session I feel a joy and a lightness that I was not able to feel in the last weeks
It feels like coming home every time…Very supportive space for self-connection